Impacts of Covid-19:
Cyber Security


Over recent years, cyber security has become an important matter for the whole enterprise not just for the IT department. Criminals tend to prey on fear and uncertainty so it’s not a surprise to see that, with us all struggling to deal with the impact of Covid-19 on our lives and our business, that there has been a significant increase of fraudulent criminal activities.

As well as more phishing emails and more text messages requesting personal details it has meant that criminals are devising even more deviant ways of extracting personal information. A recent example is posting seemingly harmless questions on social platforms such as “what was your first pet” a question we all know id commonly by websites to legitimately verify your identity. Covid-19 has isolated us away from the usual safety net of our colleagues and IT department and has left up open to increasingly clever and deceptive fraudulent criminal activities.

With no immediate end to this pandemic and with the likelihood than more of us will continue to work remotely, cyber security is even more important than ever before.

The solution to this problem involves an unbiased critical eye on a business’s current approach to their cyber security, understanding a business’s weakness and threats and providing security solutions that protect employees, but do not inhibit productivity. It also involves educating its employees to be able to spot risks that technology can’t therefore empowering its employees to be part of the solution against criminal activities.

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