Northstar Risk Management develops and supports insurance products, as a partner to major insurance underwriters, in the upstream oil and gas sector to mitigate operational and asset performance risk.

Problem Statement:

The Northstar team identified, from the inception of the business, that a scalable and secure I.T. system was a prerequisite for their growth given the sensitivity of information and types of data being handled.
Our Solution:

Virtu consulting quickly developed a Cloud first architecture strategy that was recommended, accepted and deployed within days. It included a Cloud based corporate email, a secure Cloud based file server and a company web address. This solution was based on a pay-as-you-go cloud computing pricing model, providing Northstar with a flexible secure framework ensuring no future migration issues.

At Virtu Consulting we pride ourselves at being able to provide fit for purpose solutions to not only large scale enterprises, but also dynamic start-ups, we will not complicate our solutions.

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