Who is Tailwind Energy:

Tailwind is an agile oil and gas venture, established in 2016 on foundational values of teamwork, trust and transparency.

Problem Statement:

Virtu was asked to transform Tailwind’s technical systems using leading industry cloud solutions that were cost effective, user friendly and quick to implement. Using a light touch approach, to technically transform Tailwind’s processes to become mobile, flexible and secure. To empower users to adapt to the business change by developing an IT infrastructure that supports rather than impede.
Our Solution:

An early deliverable was to migrate hundreds of mailboxes to Office365, consolidate mailboxes where appropriate as well as provide a secure gateway solution protecting Tailwind’s employees from malware, spam and zero-day attacks. This consolidation brought immediate costs savings along with a safer working environment and the ability for users to access their emails remotely on multiple devices.

The next transformation project was to create a modern workplace. The goal was to create a collaborative working environment both in an office setting and virtually. We centralised 4 offices along with people, processes and technology. This move enabled Tailwind to save costs as they were able to close offices and provide staff with an open planned office and effective tools that allows them to work from home. This proved critical during the Covid-19 crisis as it meant that Tailwind were able to already 100% ready to deliver their working from home policy and there was no down time with operations across the whole business.

Once the team was brought together, we turned our attention on the data issue. First we identified the right fit cloud based solution that was flexible, secure and both GDPR compliant and oil and gas industry compliant. Once the platform was identified, we have to sync the disparate data lakes across multiple systems to provide a unified single (but virtual) view of all data.

Once the data was migrated and synced, we analysed it for duplication, fragmentation and true source. We then expertly moved, section by section, data from it’s temporary virtual home, to the long term structure and applied the relevant security protocols. This enabled Tailwind to decommission their legacy on-prem solutions providing further savings.

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