About Us

Established in 2018, Virtu is your trusted project management partner to deliver true value add projects and programmes.

The team at Virtu has a wealth of project management experience developing and implementing large scale transformation projects for multinational businesses and SMEs. We provide a managed service offering, with transparent pricing on all costs. Our extensive network in project, technology and networking verticals means we can onboard the most suitable project members effectively and efficiently.

We are passionate about driving tangible outcome-based value for our customers and keeping their perspective at the centre of our project delivery.

We believe in cultivating a culture of transparency and open communication when delivering projects and programmes.

Virtu’s goal is to establish long-term strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses, and we will always strive to provide our customers with quality project management services.

Meet Virtu's Founders

Simon Gallini

Delivery Director

Simon is a highly accomplished and results driven Practice Manager and Programme Director with more than 20 years experience delivering and managing highly complex projects and programmes across multiple industries.

Prior to starting Virtu, Simon was Head of Consulting at Vodafone Enterprise for 2 years working with notable customers that included Google, Royal Star Alliance, Salesforce, 20th Century Fox and BP.


Warren Hampton

Commercial Director

Warren is a seasoned business development executive and general manager with repeated success scaling businesses and managing multi million contracts with clients such as Virgin Media, Sky, Liberty Global and BT.

Through his career at Samsung, he was responsible for their B2B Networks and STB Division. Under his leadership there, his organisation deployed the UK’s first retail 5G indoor small cell network within Samsung’s flagship experience store.


Rachel Koh

Operations Director

Rachel is a highly experienced operations manager who most recently served as Global Critical Situation Manager for Microsoft. Rachel has held numerous operational roles in her career including Service Delivery Manager and Support Analyst.

In her role as Global Critical Situation Manager, she was responsible for managing highly critical service impacting issues, managing technical teams across Microsoft and reporting updates at CXO level. Her customers included Deloitte, HP, Huawei and Lenovo. Her team managed the global WannaCry and Petya cyber attacks in 2018.