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What we do best

Virtu is a team of project and programme managers that deliver outcome specific projects and programmes through a flexible, on-demand resourcing model. Through our extensive resource network, Virtu can provide flexible access to a wide range of project skills and needs.

We deliver true value add projects and programmes to ensure your customers’ business critical IT systems are successfully implemented. We can help you to minimise financial and reputational risks, as well as to avoid potential productivity loss.

Business case
The Virtu team can independently assist your business to develop a business case for your project, ensuring that it is initiated then delivered successfully.
Our management team has years of experience running large scale programmes and projects. We aim to drive real value for our customers’ change activities by keeping focused on achieving successful yet realistic business outcomes.
Business Critical
Project Management
We are committed to providing industry-leading project managers to deliver our customers’ critical projects. Our project team utilises best-practice methodologies that have been developed in-house, ensuring the best project output with minimal project shocks.
Project Rescue
Projects often have issues that require rescuing. Examples of problems can include stakeholder issues, resource constraints, delays and spiraling costs. Whatever the reason, Virtu has many years of experience bringing projects back from disaster through an industry proven, structured project rescue process.
Portfolio Management
Virtu can provide experts to manage project pipeline, resource bottlenecks, cross-project change control, financial control and portfolio risks. The Virtu management team is highly experienced in managing multi-billion pounds portfolios.
Project Office
The Project Office is the ”engine room” of a project. Utilising best practices, it sets, maintains and ensures standards for a project. Virtu’s PMO strives to be independent and manages all key project metrics and key communications to all stakeholders involved.